The decision to adopt a CRM can be difficult for several companies, considering the acquisition cost of an efficient management system or the lack for a number of clients that justifies the investment. As a result, quite a few entrepreneurs manage their client-base in spreadsheets, which are good for keeping a record for data and information, but do not allow a proper relationship with the customer, because the whole process becomes manual and bureaucratic. So, how do know it is time to adopt a CRM? Is there an ideal moment?

The business wants more than sales; it wants to create a relationship with the client

Selling only one time does not bring positive results for the company. A quality relationship helps retaining customers, generates customer engagement and boosts other purchases; increasing each client’s lifetime value. Moreover, if you want more than one simple sale, you will need a management system that offers the necessary support for you to thoroughly know each client and be able to offer valuable products and services, which actually contributes on improving a condition or solve a problem.

The company needs to qualify leads

Analyzing who is ready to receive a sales contact and who is not, is essential for you to show how prepared your company’s customer service is, in other words, it requires constant dedication that demands criteria evaluation, such as the stage that each lead is in the pipeline. If you do this manually, you are definitely not pursuing qualified leads while spending time contacting others that are not in the last stage of the pipeline. If you adopt a CRM, this qualification is automatic, considering the criteria determined by your company and keeping a record of all interactions with each lead, which simplifies the identification of who should and should not be referred to the sales team.

The organization needs performance metrics

Following up on sales growth, conversion rate, average selling price and revenue are important aspects to understand if you are in the right path and what actions could be executed in order to maximize your results. Performing an analysis based on spreadsheets requires a huge effort and does not generate all the information you can extract from an integrated management system, which creates performance reports in a few seconds, with safe and updated data.

The company need to identify trends

The secret to success is constantly being one step ahead of the competition, but without the right information, at the right time, it is difficult to create competitive advantage. This problem can be easily solved with a CRM software, because you have all the information that is generated from the interaction with your clients and it is easier to identify market trends, creating new and better business opportunities.

Did you notice one or more of these situations in your organization? If yes, you definitely need a management system and it is the ideal moment to adopt a CRM software for your company.