IDG Research Services has done a study about data efficiency in companies that use an ERP system. The research’s main focus is evaluating how investments in ERP solutions can influence on companies results, contemplating four attributes (accessibility, usability, intelligence and quality) related to data manipulation.
Totaling 300 mid-sized participating companies, the research revealed that organizations that use an ERP and operate in high performance can reach a 35% yearly growth. Moreover, an improvement in data intelligence could result in a 2.2% annual increase in revenue.

A quality ERP can improve data usability and, consequently, productivity!

Organizations with good data usability can increase 10% in productivity. This happens because employees waste an average of 10% less time in non-productive tasks. Another positive aspect in the improvement of data usability is the resource or inventory optimization, resulting in the evolution of sales and operations in global markets.
Furthermore, the study highlights that data quality also influences on the delivery of products and/or services. According to the results, companies that have a high data quality have a boost of 9% in delivering quality to their clients. In addition, the risk assessment of these institutions becomes more precise.

Processing demand in an ERP via mobile can increase the company’s results

Accessibility via mobile devices continues to be a new feature for corporations, because only 40% of companies assessed their ability to process demands externally as excellent. This indicates that the market still is adapting to this new feature.
However, successful organizations are four times more likely to process data remotely. For that reason, mid-sized companies that have mobile access to data can increase the sales of new products up to 5%. The boost in sales and new client are also influenced by accessibility, with a 3% growth.
Considering these and several other results, the research validates that the smallest evolution of the attributes related to data manipulation, can generate a positive impact on mid-sized companies’ results. On the other hand, organizations that are able to maximize the improvement in these attributes can increase their ROI (return on investment) on investments concerning ERP solutions.

Why choose the Microsoft Dynamics AX as an investment?

Even though ERP solutions have the possibility to deliver several benefits to the company’s development, the system’s choice can boost these results. The Dynamics AX is the Microsoft ERP, that is easy to implement and simple to work with in your daily routine.


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Source: IDG Research Services